Seibersdorf Labor GmbH (radiopharmaceuticals, head of QC, stability testing & business development)

Salinen Austria AG (head of QC)

Haus of Music Vienna (external system administration,application developent, Linux, Windows und Apple)

Intertainment Kultur Management GmbH (cultural management and event organisation)

Austrian Airlines (traffic clerc, certified passanger agent, sales agent, designing media and consulting)

Brigitte Bardot (manager of her life-achievment award)

Valentino Garavani (EU-Young Fashion Award, guidance and star support)

Lights of Joy (Munic Olympia Stadion, Chinese Lamp Ceremony)

Neumann-Messgeräte (design, programming, 2D und 3D character design and raise-up of first Online-Shop)

VR Millennium GmbH (programming, design, consuling)

University of Viena (Assistent of Dean Prof. Dickert, holding classes and lectures, programming of applications in the lab and an online booking-system)

Montesino Poker Casino (design of the first website, consulting and programming a 3d App with an interactive Casino tour)

design  & creatives (3d constructions, industrial design, logo design, web design, charakter design, service design, prosa, musik, images)

@b, e-business & design (internet services, programming, consulting and design) OG (head of marketing and sales)