IT Consulting & Service


IT Consulting, Development & Service

Offering webservices and office IT service we assist your company right from the very beginning. We can plan your architecture, assist you in impementation and deliver service, training and updates to keep you on top.

Starting with simple websites to business critical applications, online servers and internal system architecture. Windows, Linux or Apple or even mixtures of all of them.

More than 32 years experiance in computer programming and more than 18 years professional IT management are at your service. Spanning from times when C64 was in our bedrooms over Windows evolutionising business computation parallel to the design revolution Apple and the birth and growth of Linux up to internet and mobile computing in the hands of everybody every day into the cloud. We were part of the deployment of all of these technologies in many companies, schools, nurseries and homes.

Lean back and trust in our service. Like so many others allready do. Get in contact with us.