In no time it was clear that Dr. Biedermann, who as a troubleshooter … solved the tasks assigned to him with determination, tireless dedication and ambition to our fullest satisfaction, as a consultant and independent entrepreneur in our company… his know-how and educational background provided brilliant ideas… , why Dr. Biedermann was included also in…

Stefan Seigner CEO Intertainment Kulturmanagement GmbH

By recommendation we found Dr. Biedermann. We can only recommend the concept of service contract and Dr. Biedermann.

Josef Kleedorfer CEO Neumann-Messgeraete

The contact with Dr. Biedermann resulted out of a recommendation of a former business partner which was absolutely convinced by the quality of service provided… we have especially appreciated the following advantages … the high technical expertise of Dr. Biedermann as he is an honest man … with creativity in implementing technical solutions and ideas … practicality of…

Dr. Helmut Pisecky CEO Maradentro

Here we are. Talking to you. Telling you what you have to do? No. We listen carefully. We envision options on how your business could develop and ensure that you have an outstanding concept to be different and mor competitive than the rest of your branch. Why you can’t do that yourself? Because we are the ones that connect elemtents with your business that you have never thought of.  How can we be so sure?

Test us. We are willing to proove.