Every process and new method in GMP has to be tought to the operating persons. And tested to assure the content is understood and can be reliably and repeatedly executed according the guidance. Thus trainingmethods in form of online education, seminars and local point of operation trainings are offered. Alexander Biedermann has experience in training and education in all relevant levels of education. From school to university graduates up to staff in industrial and pharmaceutical companies.

Training and education:

  • CAPA
  • process impementation
  • software usage and quality assurance
  • laboratory safety
  • laboratory automation and development
  • business development and sales
  • product development
  • service development
  • failure awareness and prevention
  • responsibility awareness
  • stability and drug testing management
  • laboratory and information management
  • LIMS (laboratory information management systems)
  • CRMS (Customer Relationsship Management Systems)
  • ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems)
  • Linux as stable internal server alternative
  • Linux in companies
  • Online marketing and sales
  • Online services for customers (webshops, booking&reservation systems, information systems, customer platforms, market platforms,
  • payment systems)
  • Webpresentation professional
  • Chemistry, IT and simulation