Innovation Lab > Device & Service Development

Innovation Lab > Device & Service Development

Planning, design and prototyping of innovative devices and services was one of the focuses of the resent development. If you want to go ahead with your business you found the right partner to develop ideas and make them reality and get the business going. Alexander Biedermann is already patent holder and knows the process of development. He developed services as well as products.

Development experience:


  • business analysis
  • application and software planning and structuring
  • use cases and storyboards
  • application and software design
  • agile development
  • database design and programming
  • UI design
  • testing, implementation and deployment
  • validation and support
  • update and upgrade service


  • product design 2D and 3D modeling
  • material expertise in metals, polymers and crystalline forms
  • CAM and 3D printing
  • electronic programming and soldering
  • electronic design
  • chemical appliances and laboratory automation
  • network programming
  • data analysis and statistics including multivariate data analyses
  • neural networks

Service & process

  • research, surveys & analysis
  • process planning and design
  • implementation and training
  • process deployment guidance
  • support
  • restructuring and adaptions
  • international sales service online, offline and at POS
  • customer support
  • customer support system implementation