GMP & GAMP Consulting

GMP & GAMP Consulting

For pharmaceutical companies it is very hard today to be innovative. New drug development costs tremendously large amounts of investment and there is no guarantee for market release. Neither is there a foresight of customer acceptance or unwanted side effects. Innovation thus has to be established in more than the classical way of developing drugs and flood the market.

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  • You need external help because internal staff is not available or raising headcount is no option?
  • You want someone who is willing to travel and take foreign risks?



Dr. Alexander Biedermann will address your demands on GMP projects. Not only has he worked in GMP field for many years and was responsible for pharma production results, he also was head of QC in radio pharmacy. He has solved many crises in industrial and pharmaceutical companies. He modernised all areas that he has been at and reduced costs and raised efficiency. Acquired new customers and made business development in the G-A-S area. Times can be rough, but in the end stable progress counts. Therefore, it is important to have partners that can manage transformations and pharmaceutical process upgrades.

  • GMP
  • GAMP 5
  • laboratory automation
  • validations
  • audits
  • audit preparation
  • CAPA assistance
  • stability testing
  • software checks


  • laboratory inspections
  • mystery visits
  • project management
  • project planning
  • strategy
  • innovation
  • coordinating assignments

A close network of different professionals in the pharmaceutical and technical guarantees the professional implementation of your demands.

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